Full view of an offshore wind farm

About the project

Learn more about Maryland and Delaware’s pioneering offshore wind projects

Greater ambition, greater benefits

Since 2017, Ørsted has partnered with local businesses to develop Maryland’s first offshore wind project, Skipjack Wind, off the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. 

The benefits of the emerging offshore wind industry will be felt throughout Maryland and Delaware. As the global leader in offshore wind, Ørsted is uniquely positioned to serve as a trusted, long-term partner, creating quality jobs and new business opportunities, and investing millions of dollars in local communities.

The project at a glance

The Skipjack Wind program will yield over $735 million in commitments to the State of Maryland 

The project will create thousands of temporary construction and long-term supply chain and operations jobs 

Together, the Skipjack Wind projects will generate enough energy to power over 300,000 Delmarva homes

Supplied by local steel fabricators

We’re investing in Crystal Steel’s plant in Federalsburg, Maryland, to make it the lead supplier of prefabricated approved-for-construction steel components for Skipjack Wind Farm.

The plant will also supply the other projects under construction in the mid-Atlantic region. These include Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2 in New Jersey, and Skipjack Wind. 

Ørsted’s investment will fund the construction of new facilities and the purchase of new equipment, making the Delmarva plant into a state-of-the-art steel fabrication facility.

Crystal steel good paying jobs

Maryland steel gets our investment

New good paying jobs

Our investment will create close to 50 new jobs in Federalsburg, expanding Crystal Steel’s workforce in the town by one third in the immediate future.

Environmental stewardship

Ørsted is committed to building and operating offshore wind in a way that’s environmentally responsible. This is of vital importance in an area like the Delmarva Peninsula, which is home to numerous diverse and unique ecosystems, from the Chesapeake Bay to its saltwater marshes.

Our teams in Annapolis and on the Eastern Shore are already working with local leaders, wildlife advocates, fishing communities, and other coastal and maritime stakeholders to address environmental concerns and develop mitigation measures.

As part of this important work, Ørsted recently provided a $50,000 grant to the Center for Inland Bays. This funding will help the center expand education and environmental research on horseshoe crabs, as well as programs to utilize oysters for water filtration. This initiative is just one example of Ørsted’s commitment to biodiversity and leadership in ensuring the responsible development of clean energy.