Stories from Maryland

Meet three local people who are dedicated to where they live and what they do

Find out what sustainability means to them, from regional produce and local community, to renewable energy and economic opportunity.

Jump ahead to see what Ørsted is bringing to the area

Scott Budden:
Farming oysters on the bay

Scott loves oysters and oysters love the Chesapeake Bay. Find out how this traditional Maryland industry is boosting biodiversity.

Carleen Goodridge:
Food and fellowship

When Carleen cooks, it brings people together and gives something back. She shares her love of seafood, Liberian cuisine and her local community in Baltimore.

Teaera Strum:
Building a legacy

Teaera’s the kind of boss who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She took over her father’s welding business, and today she’s creating jobs for local people in Baltimore.

Offshore wind is coming to Maryland and Delaware

Ørsted’s Skipjack Wind will generate more than just power. It’ll also bring decades of opportunity, build partnerships, and strengthen local communities. It all starts with one rotation.
SEVEN facts about offshore wind

Find out the facts

The truth about offshore wind, the new clean energy source on America’s east coast
What is offshore wind power?

Wind power explained

How we capture the power of the wind at sea to produce clean, reliable electricity