Skipjack Wind

Bringing thousands of jobs, clean energy, and transformative infrastructure to Maryland and Delaware 

Building a cleaner, greener future – one rotation at a time

Skipjack Wind secures Maryland and Delaware’s central position in the new American offshore wind industry for decades to come – not only as a hub for new manufacturing and port facilities to serve this growing sector, but also as a training center for the new green workforce.  


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Survey updates 
Get the latest on Skipjack Wind's survey progress. Check out the survey timeline and activities.
Offshore wind farm construction

How to build an offshore wind farm

What exactly goes in to constructing an offshore wind farm – and how does power get transported to shore? From site investigations to installation of components at sea, we aim to keep our impact on the surrounding ecosystem to an absolute minimum.

Revolutionizing power

Skipjack Wind is set to bring decades of opportunity, generate partnerships and strengthen communities

Seven facts about offshore wind

Find out the facts

The truth about offshore wind, the new clean energy source on America’s east coast

What is offshore wind power?

Wind power explained

How we capture the power of the wind at sea to produce clean, reliable electricity