Advantages of offshore wind

Offshore wind is driving the global green energy transition. Here are some of the benefits.

Offshore wind is good for the environment


Offshore wind is good for the environment because it generates electricity without burning any fuel or emitting any carbon dioxide.
Offshore wind is hardly visible from the shore


Since offshore wind is located miles out at sea, it can hardly be seen from the shore, and can’t be heard at all.
The wind at sea is stronger and more consistent


The wind at sea is stronger, more consistent and less turbulent than on land. This means more power can be generated more reliably.
It is easier to transport towers and blades at sea


It’s possible to transport much bigger towers and blades by boat than by road, making it easy to construct much bigger wind turbines, generating more power.
There is space for offshore wind turbines to avoid shipping or ecologically sensitive areas


The sea is a huge place with plenty of space to construct large numbers of turbines, while avoiding shipping routes or ecologically sensitive areas.
Offshore wind can produce large volumes of energy where it is needed


Half of the U.S. population lives near the coast. Offshore wind can produce the large volumes of energy they need, nearby.
Seven facts about offshore wind
Seven facts about offshore wind

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The truth about offshore wind, the new clean energy source on America’s east coast